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Solutions for Wellness

How Does it Help My Active Lifestyle?

Fitness increases your ability to thrive – it is not just about ripped muscles. Exercise improves the body’s energy systems, promoting proper organ function and supports efficient metabolism. Regular exercise or physical activity stimulates healthy fluid flow through blood vessels, body tissues and lymphatic vessels. Your overall well-being will benefit.

Perhaps you don’t compete against others in a sport, you engage in physical activity to support good health and overall well-being. Why should you take CVAC Sessions?

Your workouts improve your fitness by increasing demand on your body’s energy systems. These increased demands are easier to see when lifting weights, for example.

In CVAC Sessions, your fitness is also improved by increased effort; the challenges are provided by varied changes in air pressure. The body naturally adapts to this increased demand and improves and accelerates fitness even more.

You will see gains that allow you to achieve better oxygen utilization, improved anaerobic energy production and improved metabolic waste removal.

One big benefit seen by many is improvement in utilization of available oxygen; this could result in longer cardio workouts without fatigue. The CVAC Process provides time-efficient benefits that fit into busy schedules.

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Solutions FOR Wellness!

What if I Can’t Workout or Exercise?

The CVAC Process provides the benefits of traditional aerobic and anaerobic exercise without the joint stress and physical exertion that can be associated with these activities.

One University-based study performed with athletes showed great improvement in the athletes’ utilization of oxygen.

Another University-based study of sedentary men resulted in improved blood glucose levels similar to the results of a moderate to high-intensity exercise program; their counterparts received a placebo and did not achieve improvements.


Improve Physical Conditioning

The CVAC System provides the benefits of Aerobic and Non-Aerobic Exercise without the joint stress and physical exertion associated with these activities.